Drill Bits And Bone Taps

Pioneers in the industry, we offer Drill Bits And Bone Taps such as Orthopedic Drill Bit - Plain Shank and Bone Tap Quick Coupling Ends from India.

Orthopedic Drill Bit - Plain Shank

Orthopedic Drill Bit - Plain Shank offered are part of precision orthopedic drill bits that come designed for reducing possibility of necrosis that can occur because of the heat generated by poorly designed drill that reaches up to 50° C. here, the proper design of the drill bits and its usage helps in eliminating this possibility. Further, the use of superior medical grade stainless steel in its designing also allows these drill bits to deliver consistent and accurate drilling.


  • The stainless steel used in drill bit exhibits excellent corrosion resistance
  • It has high strength and toughness that makes it an edge over other drill bits
  • Available in specific diameters and designs



Cat No. Dia Length Cat No.
261-611 1.1 mm 60 mm _
261-615 1.5 mm 60 mm _
261-620 2.0 mm 100 mm _
261-625 2.5 mm 115 mm 262.01
261-627 2.7 mm 130 mm 262.01
261-632 3.2 mm 130 mm 262.02
261-633 3.2 mm 200 mm 262.02
261-635 3.5 mm 130 mm 262.03
261-636 3.5 mm 200 mm 262.03
261-645 4.5 mm 130 mm 262.04
261-646 4.5 mm 200 mm 262.04

Bone Tap Quick Coupling Ends

Bone Tap Quick Coupling Ends offered are made out of high grade steal as the base material that adds to the durable finish quality of this orthopedic surgery instrument. These Quick Coupling Ends bone taps are also made to undergo strict tests so as to ensure perfectness in designs as well as meeting the desired operational needs. Here, our expertise also lies in carrying out in these specific design/construction changes as desired by the customers/suggested by the orthopedic surgeons.


  • Bone Tap Quick Coupling End feature durable finish
  • Made out of best quality steel for superior toughness and durability

Product Range:

Cat No. Dia
264.01 1.5mm
264.02 2.0mm
264-020 2.7mm
264-025 3.5mm
264-030 3.5mm Cancellous
264-035 3.5mm Extra Long
264-040 4.5mm
264-045 4.5mm Extra Long
264-050 6.5mm Cancellous

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